Team CW

Meet Your Owners

Chris Callicutt (left) and Bradley Terry (middle) founded Carolina Waters in July 2020. With over a dozen years of friendship, they brought their idea to life to make CW what it is today. Third owner and Pro Staff Director Nick Kincaid joined in late 2021 and believed in the original duo's vision. Kincaid fishes the MLF Toyota Series in addition to other local and regional trails. Together, they help bring you the awesome products you've learned to love.

Nick: @nickkincaidfishing

Matthew Dunn

When it comes to being a true largemouth bass hammer, Matt Dunn is your guy. Having won multiple events across various trails, Dunn's trophy case grows by the season. He was named CCKF Angler of the Year in 2021. He also coaches/manages the Tarheel Lunkers of the KFL, a nationwide kayak bass fishing league.


Jon House

Jon regularly participates in roughly 25 tournaments within the Queen City Kayak Bass Fishing trail and Foothills Kayak Anglers of NC trail. In 2024, he plans to expand his horizons by competing in three HobieBOS events, further solidifying his commitment to the competitive fishing community.


Jay "2 Country" Jackson

Jay "2 Country" Jackson is from Fayetteville, NC. Jackson is an accomplished fresh and saltwater angler that enjoys catching a variety of species. Jay loves giving back to his community and is a great ambassador of the outdoors. He regularly works at the local wildlife agency, helping build a love for fishing for the next generation. When on the kayak, he is on Team Old Town, being one of their most prominent ambassadors.


Dominique Mitchell

Dominique is from Lake Waccamaw, NC and now resides in Leland, NC where she combines her love for saltwater fishing and paddleboarding. Mitchell has always had a deep appreciation for nature and the environment, which led her to pursuing a degree in environmental biology. She enjoys sharing her passions and knowledge with the younger generation, and when off the water, you can often find her bringing the fishing world to canvas.


Mike Nadeau

A 24-year Army Vet, "Mikey" spent 18 of those with 3rd Special Forces Group in Ft. Bragg, NC. Moving from base to base as a youngster, Mikey fished both fresh and saltwater growing up. He fishes a variety of trails across NC and is a top-water fanatic.


Capt. Ben Ricks

Capt. Ricks, from New Bern, NC, is one of the smartest fishermen in the state. He has multiple degrees in fish biology and is the Director of Fisheries for the Coastal NC region of NC Fish & Wildlife. You'll hear some of his expertise on the NC Wildlife podcast "Better Fishing with Two Bald Biologists." He also owns and operates Ricks Brothers Outdoors, a charter business out of New Bern chasing anything with scales on the beautiful Neuse River.


Chelsea Shandrick

This Pennsylvania native grew up hunting and fishing the Allegheny Mountains. In her eyes, it didn't get much better than hiking through the woods in search of the smallest streams to catch native brook trout --until she hooked into her first largemouth bass! Now residing in central NC, Chelsea spends her time bass fishing local lakes both recreationally and competitively. When she's not on the water or in the woods, you can find her fueling her other passions that include photography, pouring into others, and spending time with friends and family.


Pete Shandrick

Pete has alled NC home for the last six years and has quickly plugged himself into the local fishing community. Pete fishes a variety of club, open, and charity tournaments each year across multiple states. Pete has a passion for sharing his knowledge about how others can grow in fishing or within the industry professionally. You can find Pete on "The OneCast" podcast with weekly releases covering a wide range of topics about all things fishing.


Cam Steele

Cam Steele was a youth pastor for a total of around 4 and a half years in and around his small hometown in North Carolina. He also volunteers as Chaplain for the CCKF, a local kayak trail. Cam founded and hosts the "Faith 'N Fish'N" podcast. Some favorites to fish for include bass, carp, bluefish, catfish, shark, redfish, and speckled trout! He brings many years of experience in fishing and faith to the brand.


Kieran Breck Stephenson

Get to know this young hammer's name. You'll be hearing it for years to come. He already has countless victories in the youth divisions of B.A.S.S., T.B.F. and Carolina Bass for Cash series. He is just beginning high school in fall of 2023. His Dad, Darrel, acts as his strongest supporter and boat captain at most events.


Dontrell Sullivan

From Raleigh, NC, Sullivan got his first kayak back in 2016 and fell in love with it. He started participating in tournaments with Carolina Kayak Anglers club in 2019. The following year, Dontrell started participating in national trail events. He now fishes almost exclusively competitively in local, national, and Kayak Fishing League events. His current rig is an Old Town Autopilot 136 and was named to the Old Town National Pro Staff in 2023.


Trey Thompson

Trey Thompson spent his childhood hunting and fishing in the clear water of Western Michigan. Chasing giant whitetail deer, smallmouth and largemouth bass, and trophy king salmon were what shaped his passion for the outdoors and wildlife conservation. he continues to serve on Active Duty in the United States Army where is proud to wear the uniform and protect the American way of life. Now living in the south, he is able to compete in bass fishing tournaments to stay sharp, while hunting and fishing recreationally with his family to pass on his outdoor obsession to his son and daughter.


Josh Whitford

Josh says he is blessed to call NC home for his entire life. Whitford is a dedicated husband and father, keeping his faith in Christ at the center of his life. He is an avid tournament angler that fishes across the state and region. When he's not on the water, you can find him in the woods.